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  • Adult Therapy

    You want to strengthen a relationship, but don’t know what to say or do. A major life change just tossed your life upside down. You want your best self to shine but can’t get there on your own. You want a therapist that understands you. 

    Are you living the life you want? Let us help you turn your life right side up. 

    I can help you define and realize your goals. Counseling will help you achieve long term well-being. 

    I believe therapy is most effective when you are relaxed. That’s why I pride myself on providing a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. My #1 goal is to build teamwork between myself and you!

    I offer: 

    • Therapy for depression
    • Therapy for trauma recovery
    • Therapy for anxiety and stress
    • Therapy after divorce/separation
    • Therapy for dealing with troubled relationships
    • Therapy for ADHD

    Our thoughts are very powerful. Thoughts lead our actions. Often, we get stuck in our own heads. We can get stuck in a pattern of negative or unhelpful thinking.  

    Learned patterns of negative behavior can cause us problems. When negative thoughts and behaviors mix, our problems can be quite severe. Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can arise from this mix. Here are some signs that you might have anxiety or depression: 


    • You’re restless or tense
    • Your thoughts of worry smother your thinking
    • You’re having trouble sleeping
    • You have an impending sense of danger, doom, or panic
    • You’re sweating, trembling, or your heart is racing (while at rest)
    • You stay inside to avoid triggering your anxiety
    • These feelings are ruining your job, relationships, or ability to live


    • Life feels hopeless
    • You’ve lost interest in pleasurable activities
    • You’re having trouble sleeping
    • You lack energy.
    • You have increased anxiety
    • You’re having thoughts of death or suicide

    The great news is that anxiety and depression are highly treatable. One of the leading methods for treating both is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT):

    CBT therapy reveals how negative thoughts cause problems. It also helps identify and change thinking patterns. CBT helps expose negative thinking so you can realize your true self.

    Learn to relax, calm the mind, and face your fears with confidence. Gain problem solving skills. Understand yourself better. Gain awareness of your thoughts and behavior.

    Please contact me today for a consultation or to schedule an appointment to develop the skills to live your best life!