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  • Couples Counseling

    You can have the love you want. You can bring back the passion. Your relationship can be about trust, understanding, respect, and openness. I will help you regain your commitment. 

    Do you feel that you and your partner are drifting apart? Do you feel stuck in patterns of behavior that you know you need to change? You want to come home after a stressful day of work to an oasis. Not more stress. Maybe you wonder if separation is the only answer? 


    A strong relationship can lift us up higher than we could reach alone. But a troubled one can tear us down. It can leave us feeling more alone than if we were alone. 

    We enter relationships full of joy, passion, and excitement. Along the way, things can change. Job stress, kids, a lack of sleep…life can test us and strain our ability to communicate, understand, and respect our partners. 

    You’ve read books, you’ve talked to friends…maybe even family…but nothing has improved. You don’t know what to say to improve communication… but you know something has to change.

    You don’t know how to bring the romance back. You’ve tried but don’t seem to understand each other anymore. You can’t get out of negative patterns.

    Let me help you build the life you want to live.


    Couples therapy, also called marriage counseling, has a proven track record of success. 

    “Over 98 percent of clients of marriage and family therapists report therapy services as good or excellent. After receiving treatment, almost 90% of clients report an improvement in their emotional health, and nearly two-thirds report an improvement in their overall physical health.”

    (Reference: American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, 2019)

    Whichever term you prefer, relationship counseling can help. Licensed therapists are experts at dealing with difficult topics. Topics such as conflict, poor communication, infidelity, and trauma. 

    I have seen success in dealing with the complexities of family dynamics. Let me help you to develop skills to:

    • Communicate more effectively
    • Discuss differences calmly
    • Recognize and resolve conflict
    • Develop a deeper understanding of each other
    • Resolve parenting conflicts (link to parenting support)
    • Develop the confidence to be honest
    • Explore sexual/intimacy problems

    I can help you shape a brighter future. Don’t suffer in silence.

    Couples therapy is proven to be successful and I love working with all types of couples. Allow me to help reignite the sparks of intimacy. You can transform your relationship into what you’ve always wanted. I can help you build the life you want to live!


    We all want our homes to be a peaceful place to retreat and recover. It’s no wonder then, that relationship issues can be so stressful. Divorce and marital stress frequently rank highest on the list of life’s biggest stressors. 

    Eliminate or reduce one of your biggest stressors and you’ll be happier. Your happiness will flow into other areas of your life. You’ll see far reaching benefits in your job, children, and other relationships. Best of all, you’ll gain self-confidence and an improved sense of self. 

    FAQs About Couples Therapy:

    Will a therapist ever suggest divorce?

    A therapist’s job is to help you discover what YOU want. They help people make their own decisions from a place of strength. A good marriage counselor won’t direct you to choose one option over another. They will guide you in getting the most out of what you choose for yourself. Divorce can be an option. But it would be if you believe that it is the best course. Because it is a thoughtful…self-empowered… and measured decision. 

    Please contact me with any questions, for a consultation or to schedule an appointment. I am happy to help you in any way I can.