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  • Adolescent Therapy

    Your adolescent can become self-aware, increase resilience, and make good choices throughout the turbulent teen years. 

    You see the positive qualities in your adolescent, but you also see their struggle. You’re not sure how to help. They need someone who can be objective and supportive. Someone who can connect with your teen and challenge them to develop their strengths. 

    Parenting adolescents is different from parenting younger children.

    The strategies that worked for you just 2-3 years ago no longer work. The problems your adolescent brings home feel bigger. They express their emotions in bigger ways. It feels like your parenting toolbox is empty.

    Adolescent counseling can help your family navigate this difficult stage. Your family can feel more connected to one another as a result. 


    • Improve impulse control related to ADHD
    • Make friends and identify social cues
    • Solve problems within their peer group
    • Manage sensory overload and emotional dysregulation
    • Express anger in a positive way
    • Complete tasks on their own and know when to ask for help
    • Explore dating, relationships and sexuality
    • Manage anxiety and stress
    • Gain self-esteem and positive self-image 
    • Identify goals and a plan for the future

    Give your teenager hope and space to grow. They will appreciate the freedom to explore and feel without judgment. You will also receive support along the way. Parent Support Sessions and Family Therapy are included to guide you in parenting teenagers.


    Should my adolescent see a therapist?

    Adolescents can have intense emotions. It may be difficult for them to share these feelings in effective ways. They may not want to share with parents or adults they know well. 

    Some signs that your adolescent may need to see a therapist include: 

    • Perfectionism and worry about school performance, despite good grades
    • Difficulty making and keeping friends
    • Adjusting to a significant life change, such as divorce or change in schools 
    • Frequent statements of feeling discouraged and losing motivation 
    • Anxiety and stress that impacts sleep, eating, and relationships 
    • Someone is bullying them
    • Bullying others
    • Unexpected or sudden decline in school performance/grades 
    • Frequent crying and statements about feeling sad all the time 
    • Cutting and other self-harm behaviors 
    • Making statements about wanting to die or wanting to harm themselves

    These behaviors may be a sign your adolescent needs counseling. If you have noticed any of these concerns, please contact me today for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.

    How do I get my adolescent to see a therapist? 

    There are many reasons your adolescent may be hesitant to start counseling. Understanding these is the key to encouraging them to try it out. They may feel embarrassed about seeing a therapist. They may worry that others (especially friends) will think they are “crazy.” Counseling can make them feel different from their peers. 

    You can assure your adolescent that psychotherapy is for all kinds of people. Many people feel distress and ask for help. Let them know you will respect who they want to tell about therapy.

    Empower your adolescent to make decisions about therapy, and they will feel more invested. 

    Ask them what day they would prefer to attend sessions. Agree to a fixed time frame for assessing if psychotherapy is helpful. Get their feedback on which goals they’d like to pursue in therapy. Be specific when discussing why you think counseling may help them. Ask for their opinion about how counseling is going. Lastly, let time do its work. Your adolescent may grow to enjoy counseling after trying it out.

    Counseling for adolescents includes teamwork. That means I welcome feedback from the whole family. Your adolescent will feel like they have a say in the outcome. 

    Parenting adolescents is hard, but I are here to help! Schedule a consultation today. I will help you create a plan that makes sense for your family.